Help clients reach their goals with powerful strategies for the liabilities-side of the balance sheet.

Adding Measurable Value

Research into the value of financial planning demonstrates areas where advisors can add measurable value beyond investments.

DebtToolz can add an entirely new source of measurable value, rich with Advisor and Gamma Equivalent Alpha opportunities, from the liabilities-side of the balance sheet.

Enhancing MortgageNudge for Advisors

MortgageNudge is an easy to use tool helping homeowners painlessly and systematically pay off their mortgage debt.

Advisor DebtToolz™ allow for more sophisticated analysis enabling professional advisors to create customized debt-consolidation, and personalized payment schedules to fit each client’s specific needs.

What You’ll Recieve

MortgageNudge along with our extended Advisor DebtToolz offer a more holistic approach to financial planning and comprehensive wealth management.

Accelerate First Year Nudge

We found that many users of MortgageNudge were willing to increase their monthly mortgage payment more aggressively in the first year, before settling into a more sustainable annual Nudge. With DebtToolz, we’re giving Advisors the ability to quickly and easily model an additional first year Nudge.

Debt Consolidation Tools

At the heart of our Advisor DebtToolz lies the ability to design various debt consolidation scenarios to best fit your client’s retirement, tax, and debt acceleration needs. You’ll be able to quickly evaluate and compare current debt structures to alternative strategies, while co-creating investment and debt acceleration possibilities with your clients.

Personalized Payment Schedules

Car loan paid off in Year 5? Day care done in Year 3? College expenses coming in Year 11? Anticipate an annual bonus? Model fluctuations in cash flow by increasing or decreasing annual Nudge amounts, adding a lump-sum payment, and/or suspending annual Nudge increases to customize your client’s payment schedule. And instantly see the resulting loan payoff and corresponding amortization schedule.

Custom Branding

Automated email reminders offer a high-touch, low-cost way to remain top-of-mind with your clients throughout the year. Regardless of market conditions you’ll be delivering good news, as your clients are reminded of their progress towards becoming debt-free.

Multiple Nudge Scenarios

Develop multiple Nudge scenarios for multiple properties, or compare two different scenarios for the same property. Whatever debt plan you need to demonstrate, Advisor DebtToolz can help you model it.

Print & Export to CSV

Print out your client’s personalized debt payoff schedule, save your data locally, or export your Nudge calculations to your own spreadsheet. Why not? It’s your good work.

Client Management Tools

Query for loan payoff dates or interest rates. Rank by Nudge amount, or excess payment. Cross reference with clients turning 50 and eligible for 401(k) catch-up contributions; or for spouses 62 and older who might benefit from a reverse mortgage conversation.

What Others Are Saying…

“Don St. Clair has made me realize that our profession has a blind spot, a focus on just one side of client balance sheets. He may be the leading thinker in the profession on the often-counterintuitive relationship between debt and investments. And this may be the next frontier in financial planning.” – Bob Veres, author of Inside Information


Launching Soon!

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