MortgageNudge evaluates your current loan, then allows you to customize a payoff strategy to fit your budget and your goals.

  • Enter Your Mortgage Details

    Enter information about your current mortgage. The system will ask for:

    • Current Mortgage Balance
    • Interest Rate
    • Payment Information
  • Choose Your Nudge

    After you enter your mortgage data, move the MortgageNudge slider to create a personalized payment schedule based on your available income and mortgage payoff goal.

    The Secret to a Successful Nudge

    The secret to a successful MortgageNudge plan is choosing an ambitious, yet affordable annual increase to your monthly mortgage payment. Over time these payment increases (annual Nudges) compound in your favor, resulting in significant interest savings and accelerating the payoff of your mortgage. 

    When choosing your Nudge, it’s important to balance your desire to be debt-free, with your ability to increase your payment - year after year. Don’t worry, if you find your Nudge to be too much - or too little - you can always make an adjustment to your MortgageNudge payment plan.

  • Stay on Track with Monthly Email Reminders

    Each month you'll receive an email reminding you of your new MortgageNudge payment.

    The email will include a summary of your current strategy, reminders of annual Nudge increases, and a breakdown of your mortgage payment so you'll know exactly how much additional principal to pay.

Paying off your mortgage is simple, but it's never easy. MortgageNudge makes it painless."
- Don St. Clair, Certified Financial Planner

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